Upholstery Cleaner California

When you visit a home, the first thing you see is furniture. Keeping furniture clean is an important part of keeping your home beautiful! Most households spend most of their time in the family and living rooms, and this causes your furniture to become visibly dirty and matted down with dust, dirt, and allergens.The best way to get rid of all these nasty contaminants is professional upholstery steam cleaning. The Green Carpet Cleaning upholstery cleaning team uses professional equipment that can remove stains and dirt from any type of fabric and upholstery. We use the latest technology to ensure that we have the flexibility to clean any piece of furniture! We work to ensure that we have the most competitive pricing available in southern california, and we don't consider a job finished until you are 100% satisfied!

Having this maintenance performed by our professional upholstery cleaners will increase the lifetime of your furniture, and restore it to be just like new!

The Process

Our team has received the training necessary to remove even the toughest stains. Our process restores and cleans all of your furniture, regardless of material. Since furniture is in constant use, it can easily end up stained and dirty. Even severe stains from things like blood and spilled drinks can be handled using our professional cleaning technology. We use the most advanced tools on the market to get your furniture cleaned as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • Our non-toxic cleaning solution is pre-applied to your furniture so that it can break down stains for easy removal without damage.
  • We then make use of a unique brush that agitates our cleaning solution to further loosens up stains.
  • The process is finished up with Hot Water Extraction (HWE). We use high pressure to inject water and cleaning solution while simultaneously using power ful suction to pull the solution back out of the furniture. Once hot water extraction lifts all of the stains and dirt, we go back with a high powered vacuum to remove any residue left by the HWE process.

Our process is completely safe, and can be used on almost any fabric. The end result is furniture with a restored level of cleanliness, look, and feel!

Upholstery Protectors and Deodorizers

Once your upholstery has gone through our cleaning process, we recommend protecting it from future stains with our upholstery protector. Our upholstery protector helps to keep your newly restored furniture clean and looking good for longer. If you have indoor pets be sure to ask us about our pet deodorizer solution, which helps to remove any pet odors that are deep within your furniture.

Whether you need upholstery cleaning and stain removal at a home or business, Green Carpet Cleaning is here for you! We are standing by to remove any stains on your furniture today, so don't hesitate to give us a call for your next appointment booking!

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