Carpet Cleaner in Southern California

Our goal at Green Carpet Cleaning is to provide high quality carpet cleaning services that are affordable for everyone. Take advantage of our current special offer: Carpet cleaning for 4 rooms plus carpet cleaning on 1 hallway and 1 set of stairs for free! We only use the latest and greatest equipment to ensure that our results are top notch. We strive to provide the best carpet cleaning experience in Southern California. Our team works hard to make sure that you have a 5 star experience from the moment you call us all the way to the moment our professionals leave your property. We only use safe citrus based cleaning solutions that are not dangerous to pets or children. Truck Mounted and Portable Hot Water Extraction commonly known as “Steam Cleaning” is our method of choice because it is the most efficient and effective option for carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning uses pressurized hot water and our safe cleaning solutions to lift stains and allergens from carpet fibers. Our professional steam cleaning equipment heats water to over 230 degrees! Combined, the extremely hot water and our non-toxic citrus based cleaners are able to remove the dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and animal dander that builds up over time on your carpets.

We use the most advanced citrus based cleaning solutions on the market to leave your home smelling great and your carpet looking new while keeping it safe for people and pets. The Green Carpet Cleaning process utilizes hot water, high pressure, and high velocity vacuum extraction to get rid of any residue that would otherwise re-attract soil.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

When our professional carpet cleaner arrives at your Southern California home, we perform an extensive “pre-cleaning” analysis to identify any severe stains that will require extra care to remove. This is when you will meet your Green Carpet Cleaning professional!

After the analysis stage, we will pre-treat any stains to make sure that they are ready to be removed in the extraction process. Once each stain has been addressed, the extraction process begins.

The extraction process makes use of our state of the art steam cleaning equipment to remove any stains and get the entire carpet completely clean. Once the process is complete, we will perform a follow up analysis to make sure that each carpet fiber is as clean as possible. After our follow up analysis, you are left with a carpet that is good as new!

Hot water extraction is the best cleaning method for both residential and commercial carpets. It is completely safe, and highly effective. Ready to book an appointment with Green Carpet Cleaning for your home or office? Contact us today!

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