Tile Cleaning California

When standard regular cleaning is just not getting your tiles and grout back to the condition you are looking for, Green Carpet Cleaning has the solution for you. Our professional tile polishing and grout cleaning methods can get your tile floors or walls looking shiny again! When dirt settles deep into grout, it can be almost impossible to clean. This problem becomes a nightmare because household cleaners and endless scrubbing still won't do the trick. Many people turn to short brushes and conventional grout cleaning compounds combined with lots of hard work, and still are not able to make progress. Don't worry though, those dirty grout lines and stains can be easily removed by our professionals! Don't waste any more time and money trying to restore your tiles and grout, because the Green Carpet Cleaning professionals can get the job done quickly and affordably! If you have cleaning projects that go beyond tile and grout, our cleaning team can help. We can take care of your tile polishing, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more all in the same visit!

Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

To get your tiles and grout clean, we use a professional grade pressure washing system that can penetrate deep to remove stains, dirt, and debris. This is an efficient and effective tile and grout cleaning method that can be done in only one visit! We also use professional non-toxic cleaning compounds in conjunction with our professional cleaning equipment togive our customers brand new looking tiles and grout!

Cleaning Grout Lines

We use the same system that professionals have been using for decades to remove stains and dirt from concrete. Because grout lines are so similar to concrete, our professional pressure washing system has proven to be extremely safe and effective. Standard off-the-shelf pressure washers typically can't get this job done, and that is where our unique professional grade pressure washing systems come into play. Their most unique feature is the ability to be used indoors without causing a flood like consumer pressure washing systems would. Avoid the hassle of ineffective do-it-yourself solutions and get in touch with our tile polishing and grout cleaning professionals today!

After we have your tiles and grout looking like new, we can apply a sealant to keep things looking great for up to a year! We apply our sealants immediately after we clean and dry your tiles and grout. Once the sealant is applied, we go back to buff it to a beautiful shine. Our professional tile cleaners will walk you through the entire process to ensure that any questions or concerns you might have can be completely addressed. Ready to have beautiful tile and grout again? Contact our team today to make an appointment!

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