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Great rugs truly do tie a room together! They provide an important focal point to make the colors and layout of any room stand out. The problem with rugs is: Even the nicest of rugs begin to lose their luster over time. Without proper care, a once beautiful rug can begin to transform into a negative attention magnet.

In case you're searching for an area rug cleaning company in Southern California it's important to select an expert cleaner who will give your rug the careful attention that it requires. Green Carpet Cleaning uses the natural cleaning ability of high pressure steam to create incredible results without harmful chemicals or risk of damage.

The importance of area rug cleaning

Even the most diligent rug owners simply don't have the equipment needed to properly clean their area rugs. Standard household vacuum cleaners do not have the ability to keep area rugs completely clean.

Consistent vacuuming alone allows area rugs to attract bacteria, dust, dirt, allergens, rotting particles of dropped food, and even tiny bugs! Not only does this ruin the appearance of your rugs, but it also becomes a health concern for people with weak immune systems like children and seniors. Our rug cleaning process has the advantage of sterilization, stain removal, and the elimination of all foreign particles.

Beautiful area rugs are often an expensive investment, and keeping it professionally cleaned will help to extend it's usable life for years, and often times generations to come.

Our expert rug cleaning service is just the beginning!

After you've seen what the Green Carpet Cleaning team can do for your area rugs, we have no doubt that you will want to learn more about the other services we have for your home! Fortunately, our area rug cleaning service is just one of the many incredible services that we offer in Southern California.

Our expert cleaning team can perform carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, drapery and tile cleaning, and more to our customers all over Southern California. It is our mission to offer the very best value for your money across our entire range of offers!

Why you can trust Green Carpet Cleaning

No other area rug cleaning service in Southern California offers the same combination of incredible value for money, unsurpassed cleaning expertise, and outstanding customer service.

We use the most powerful and efficient steam cleaning technology in the industry because it is completely safe, gentle, and won't damage yor rug or void it's warranty. The high powered units that we use heats water above boiling temperatures to ensure that germs, allergens, and bacteria which can get deep into your rug’s fibers are eliminated.

Removing the deepest stains and the most terrible of pet odors is our specialty, and we even offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on our recommended services!

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